What are the Features of MIUI 13 | MIUI 13 Features

What are the Features of MIUI 13 | Features of MIUI 13


After successfully launching of MIUI 12 company the company was still working on MIUI 13. MIUI 13 will roll-out about June 2021. The Xiaomi MIUI research team developed the functional design of MIUI 13. The Xiaomi company is taking surveys from the users about MIUI 13. The MIUI 13 will carry users demanded features. So it can be successful to take out the market.

On a survey taken by the MIUI, it can be confirmed that MIUI 13 will includes further upgrades and additional updates. The initial beta version of MIUI 13 should be available by the starting of 2021 and the original version will be available nearly in June 2021. The MIUI 13 is expected with more features based on Android 11 and more additional features. The features of MIUI 13 should be capable to relate with additional features of android 11 updates after launching.

MIUI 13 Features: Features of MIUI 13, Expected features of MIUI 13

When the MIUI Development team launched the MIUI 12, Xiaomi confirmed that they are working on MIUI 13 to the users. They started to take surveys for MIUI 13 and can launch the beta testing version about early 2021.

Expected Features of MIUI 13

► Highly Improved Sensitivity and animation

►Native HQ Screen recording

►More animated and minimalistic theme

►New good looking iconography

►Eary screenshots and instant editing features

►MIUI improved always-on Display

►Share menu App Pinning

►Wider acceptable of quick reply option 

►Scheduling Dark mode option

►Turbo Charging option

►Monochrome power-saving mode

►Missed Notification management

Features of MIUI: Additional features

When they will release the testing version of MIUI 13 on the staring of 2021, they will take management reviews and feedback from the users. After adding and updating the recommended features of MIUI 13 they will launch the updated version in early June 2021.

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