If you have a newly created page on Facebook and want to create a username for your page. You may face this “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username” error while creating a username for your page. A username in Facebook is a short and catchy URL which is also known as Vanity-URL. It allows users to reach your page directly without using a lengthy web address.

You have a new fan page or any other page then you must have at least 25 Likes or followers. You need to update the complete information of your page like contact information, address, e-mail, etc. You must follow the guidance of Facebook to create the username Some guidance of Facebook to create username are.

  • Your username must be unique.
  • Username must be longer than 4 characters.
  • Capital letters, Comma, and Full stop cannot be used on a username.
  • Username cannot have generic terms or extensions like .com, .net.

After following all guidelines and requirements then Facebook allows you to create your Facebook page username. Since new pages don’t have this prerequisite so Facebook shows you “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username”.

How to “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username” error

Facebook officially allows you to add a username on your Facebook page or profile after some requirements. But you can create a username alternatively without fulfilling requirements. You can follow this video to fix that error. 

This Page isn’t eligible to have a username video

Facebook page is not eligible to have username

QUICK FIX: Follow these steps to fix the Facebook username error.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook page and then click on page settings. 

Go to page settings

Step 2: Page Roles

You will see their page roles option. Page roles option allows you to invite other users to manage your page. It has many roles but you need to select admin so that other users can create usernames.


Page roles for admins

Step 3: Invite Another Admin

Invite another user as an admin of that page or you can create another Facebook profile and use that account as admin. Other users need to accept the admin role and then hen can create a username successfully.

This Page isn't eligible to have a username

Step 4: Accept Admin

Accept admin requests from another Facebook account. Go to page information and try to change the username of your page from the new admin account. 

This Page isn't eligible to have a username fixed

Step 5: Now you can change you username

You will successfully create a username for your Facebook page without fulfilling the requirements to have a username. 

This Page isn't eligible to have a username fixed

Finally, you have created your Facebook page username and solved the “This Page isn’t eligible to have a username” error. Facebook has not officially given this alternative but we can use this method without any harm. Since the Facebook page may need to transfer to another Facebook user and that user also wants to change the username. So Facebook permits new admins to change a username or create a username and your problem got solved.


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