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Yes, I’m a big fan of Oppo smartphones and other gadgets. If so, you’re in for a treat. The world’s first tablet, the Oppo Pad, was recently unveiled by Oppo in China together with the Find X5 line of flagship phones. The Oppo TAB was launched in China today by the company. Oppo Pad comes in three flavors in China: 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, 6 GB RAM and 2TB storage, 8 GB RAM and 2TB storage. The prices for these models range from $364 to $427.

Oppo Pad available colors

It looks like tablets will be back in the Android world in 2022. Samsung already has a lot of people pre-ordering the Galaxy Tab S8, and Google is working hard to make Android better so that tablets can take full advantage of their big screens. After releasing their first Android tablet, called the Oppo Pad, Oppo has also decided to join the party. As we’ll see in the next paragraphs, the Oppo Pad is a premium smartphone with some outstanding specs.

Oppo PAD Pricing

According to Oppo, the Oppo Pad is available in three different configurations in China: 6GB RAM with 128GB storage, 6 GB RAM with 256GB storage, and 8GB RAM with 256GB storage. These variants are priced at approximately $364, $427, and $475, respectively. The tablet is offered in two color options: black and purple. Aside from that, the Oppo Pad Artist Limited Edition, which comes packed with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, can be acquired for $554 in China.

This brand new OPPO tablet is now available for purchase for $459 only at Giztop. The tablet is offered in two color options: black and purple.

Oppo PAD Specification

The exact specification of Oppo has been disclosed. Oppo tried this time to beat its main competitor with a competitive product. This is the first time Oppo debuted its TAB. The specification of this tablet is just market-leading for its pricing. Now we have to wait for its demand on the global market. For now here are some important specifications.

Oppo PAD specs

Dimensions of the Display

It has an IPS LCD display with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 120Hz refresh rate on the Oppo Pad. With a single-chip processor, the device is developed around the Snapdragon 870. LPPDR4x RAM is installed on the device.

Oppo Pad Screen resolution
Oppo Pad Screen resolution

The camera specs

The Oppo Pad includes a 13MP back camera with LED light and an 8MP front camera. Fast charging @ 33W is possible with the 8630mAh battery. ColorOS 12 is the operating system for the tablet.

Processor Using

Oppo PAD Snapdragon Processor
Oppo PAD Processor

The tablet lacks the latest Snapdragon chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but contains the Snapdragon 870, which should be suitable for most users.

The Adreno 650 GPU in the Snapdragon 870 should be able to display HDR10+ video as well as 4k 60 Hz and 1440p 144 Hz content.

RAM and Memory Specification

The Oppo Pad is available in three different RAM/storage options, all of which have been made public so far: 6 GB/128 GB, 6 GB/256 GB, and 8 GB/256 GB.

However, because it does not have a card port for the memory card, you may want to avoid purchasing it if you require more than 256 GB of storage space, which in today’s world of UHD film can quickly fill up.

Network and Other Specificatioins

A keyboard and stylus may be mounted magnetically to the novelty, making it compatible with even more peripherals. Four Dolby Atmos speakers, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.1 adapters were delivered to Oppo Pad as part of the update. This is in addition to the fact that the device has a face unlock capability.

Doubly Atoms Audio in Oppo PAD

The Oppo Pad includes support for Stylus pens as well as a wireless keyboard, which should appeal to a large number of users who use their mobile devices for note-taking.

In terms of software, it will be released with Android 11, with Oppo’s proprietary UI, ColorOS 12, slapped on top of it. Android 12 will, on the other hand, almost certainly be released in the near future.

The battery has a capacity of 8,360 mAh and can be charged at a rate of 33 W, allowing it to be promptly recharged when it becomes exhausted.

Oppo PAD Battery

Due to the fact that this product is only available in the Chinese market, it may take some time to obtain complete pricing and global fame information of this device. For the latest news on the Oppo PAD, please sign up for our newsletter, and we will keep you informed of any important developments.

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