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If Siri has stopped operating or does not recognize your voice, it is fairly common to reset Siri. Apple has made it quite simple to restore Siri’s functionality. However, there are situations when Siri still does not operate after being reset. If you’re looking for alternative ways to fix Siri, check out this page. In this article alternative ways to fix Siri, we will show you how to reset Siri on any iPhone.

Why Siri don’t work sometimes

There could be a number of reasons why Siri isn’t working on your phone. To begin, keep in mind that Siri won’t react by default if your device is lying face down or otherwise obscured, unless you choose Always Listen for “Hey Siri” under Settings > Accessibility > Siri. However, Siri may not function properly if you are facing Siri head-on due to connectivity issues with Apple’s database. Siri keeps a record of your prior requests in an Apple database so that the next time you ask a question, she can recognize your preferences and respond accordingly. Errors can be occur if Siri runs into an issue retrieving data from a database. Siri also won’t work if the user unintentionally disables voice dictation, and the last cause might be an upgrade that disables Siri.

How to reset Siri on iPhone
Reset Siri Successfully

You can turn Off Siri

If you are maintaining your privacy then you can turn off Hey Siri option. Siri, on the other hand, needs Apple to get specific information from its users in order for it to work at its best. Apple is a company that most people don’t want to share their personal information with. It turns out that there is a way to reset Siri so that Apple doesn’t have any of your data and doesn’t share it with anyone else.

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Ways to Reset Siri on iPhone

#1 / First Technique

Let’s reset Siri on your iPhone. Here, we show you how to reset Siri. Be sure you follow all steps for best results.

Step 1. On your iPhone, launch the Settings app. Scroll down to ‘Siri and Search.’

Step 2. It’s on the Siri & Search Settings page. To turn it off, click Listen for “Hey Siri” (the slider should turn gray). If you want it to work again, wait a few seconds and then tap the slider again (the slider should turn green again).

Step 3. You will be asked to teach Siri how to recognize your voice. Follow the steps and repeat the five requests aloud so Siri can hear your voice.

Step 4. When you’re ready, tap Done to be taken back to the Siri & Search Settings page. You can exit this and resume using Siri as usual.

#2 / Second Technique

There are a few things you may check to see if Siri is still having trouble understanding you. Siri’s native language should be checked first. Siri has a hard time understanding your words if they don’t match the one you’re saying. Open the ‘Settings’ app and select ‘Siri and Search.’

Check to see if the language selected matches your own. Even in the case of English, there are a plethora of choices based on where you live. To get a list of available languages, select it. Choose a language that is correct if the one you have selected is incorrect.

Additionally, if your iPhone is face down or covered, Siri will not reply to your requests by default. As a result, Siri may occasionally fail to reply to your queries. However, you may alter this.

Step 1. Navigate to ‘Accessibility’ in the settings app.

Step 2. Then, in the accessibility choices, scroll down and hit the ‘Siri’ option.

Step 3. Here, toggle the ‘Always Listen for “Hey Siri”‘ toggle.

I sincerely hope that Siri is now properly reinstalled on your iPhone. If you encounter any problems during resetting, please leave a comment below and we’ll help you out. If you hadn’t previously enabled Siri for functionality, you can do it after a reset by selecting the hey Siri option again.


Can I delete Siri Data?

Yes, you can delete all Siri data from Apple’s database. By resetting Siri form settings, you can easily delete your data. However, after resetting Siri, you may not able to receive responses based on your preferences.

Why does Siri occasionally stop working?

Siri will occasionally cease working owing to a server data retrieval problem. Because Siri keeps your preferences in a database, if there is an issue retrieving that data, Siri will be unable to work. Siri may occasionally fail to function owing to unintentional deactivation of voice detection or any other Siri-related issue.

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