How to open DNS settings in Domainindia []

How to open DNS settings in Domainindia

Domainindia doesn’t provide DNS settings directly to any domain. Domainindia is also a reputed company of India which is providing Domain names, hosting, SEO, and digital marketing services for the past 10 years. Since it is reaching over less costumer there is great security provision. So, you cannot access DNS management directly in Domainindia.

In this article, you will be clear on how to unlock DNS settings in Domainindia. You need to request the service center to make DNS settings available for you in your domain name settings.

Open DNS settings by yourself

DNS management in Domainindia

You need to change the default nameservers of Domainindia and use your nameserver where you want to host your site. After updating nameservers you will available to add DNS settings.

To use the Free DNS Service, you need to change the nameservers of the domain
to the Required Nameservers listed below : *
1. log in to your Member Control Panel:

2. Once logged in to your Control Panel,
 Go to ‘ Domains’ (3rd line Menu) – ‘My Domains’ – ‘Active Icon ‘ – ‘Name

 1. you need to change the nameservers of the domain to the Required
 Nameservers listed below:
 Choose the “Use custom nameservers (enter below)” option.

 1. log in to your Member Control Panel:
 2. Once logged in to your Control Panel,

 *Go to ‘ Domains’- ‘My Domains’ – ‘Active Icon ‘ – Under Manage Category –
 DNS Management. * Feed in the Record what you want

 1. Host name : WWW Record Type : Cname Record Address :
 2. Host Name : @ Record Type : A Record Address :

 Before you move onto this step, wait for 12 to 24 hours for your DNS settings
 to activate

Open DNS settings by requesting

You will find an option named as Open ticket. This page will help you to take supports for your sales decisions and your product support. Just click on Support. It will ask you to fill a form clearly stating your problem. As we are trying to get DNS settings to our domain. So fill on the subject as “ I want to use DNS settings for my domain.” Make Department as support and choose your domain on Related service and set the priority as High so you will get a reply soon.

Now it’s time to write your message to them. Just write a clearly understandable message including your domain name. As “Hello Sri/Mam, I have purchased a domain from your company and having some problems while using it. I want to connect my domain to hosting so need to change DNS settings. I searched all provided options but not found any DNS settings option. Please provide me some information about it.” After some hours you will get a mail and will find a DNS setting option in Domain name settings.

Hope you get an idea to unlock DNS settings to your domain in the domain. It is very simple in other providers because they provide a direct way to use DNS settings. I will be very happy to help you if you have some problems with it and comment your opinion also.

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